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Centre for Library and Editorial Services of the College of Polytechnics Jihlava

Library of the University of Applied Sciences

The library of the College of Polytechnics Jihlava is a university library with a specialized collection. Library services are available to employees and students of the VŠPJ and the public. In the library area there are places for studying and it is possible to use computers with internet connection.

Tip to buy a book

Is there a book you need to study in the library of the College of Polytechnics Jihlava? You can use the form to submit a request to replenish the library collection.

Loan a mobile phone charger

Registered users of the VŠPJ library can borrow various types of mobile phone chargers from the library's reference desk (door number 1N073) against a refundable deposit of CZK 100. Lending is available in the library and study room area.

Preparation of borrowing on request

The service of preparing a loan for order is provided free of charge to all library users.

Children's Corner

A children's corner is available for users with their children at the Central Library of the College of Polytechnics Jihlava (door number 1N073).

Discounted annual registration fee for VŠPJ graduates

A discounted annual registration fee of 100 CZK has been introduced for graduates of the VŠPJ.

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